Museum closed 10-25.6.2024 due to change of exhibition.

Small Art Museums, Big Experiences

Small Art Museums, Big Experiences

The Small Art Museums in Helsinki web site ( was launched in early November. It presents five art museums that are situated in former homes of art collectors or artist studios: Didrichsen Art Museum and Villa Gyllenberg on the island of Kuusisaari, Reitz Foundation Collections and Art Home Kirpilä in Töölö and the Gallen-Kallela museum in Espoo.

More information:

Johanna Ruohonen, Museum Director,, 0405163475

Maria Didrichsen, Museum Director,, 0405521000

Jaana Cawén, Museum Director,, 050 4135447

Didrichsen Art Museum, open Tue & Fri-Sun 10–18, Wed-Thu 10–20, 16e/14e/0e, Museum Card.

Gallen-Kallela museum, open during winter season 1.9.–14.5. Tue-Sat 11–16, Sun 11–17, 10e/7e/5e/0e, Museum Card.

Reitz Foundation Collections, open Wed 15–17 and Sun 15–17, Free entrance.

Art Home Kirpilä, open Wed 14–18 and Sun 12–16, Free entrance.

Villa Gyllenberg, closed due to renovation, reopening in January 2022.