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Jarmo Mäkilä – I am Many 23.10.2024–2.3.2025

Jarmo Mäkilä – I am Many 23.10.2024–2.3.2025

The paintings of Jarmo Mäkilä (b. 1952) are mental landscapes. They are metaphorical worlds that include all of his selves, from knee-high boy to the threshold of adulthood, plus alternative presents and futures, real and imagined.

Individuals are not the same throughout their lives. Beneath our outer beings are all the private experiences, desires, hopes and disappointments that early on shaped us and continue to do so. Art is a way of dealing with yesterday’s moments of happiness and pain, but it is not easy. They must be approached slowly, one step at a time.

This exhibition presents Jarmo Mäkilä’s recent paintings and sculptures, as well as selected works from the art collection of the Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation that are meaningful to the artist. The curator of the exhibition is Timo Valjakka.

Picture: Jarmo Mäkilä, Lost boys, 2024, oil on canvas, 250 x 150 cm, owned by the artist.
Photo: Jouko Vatanen.