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Donation to the art collection

Donation to the art collection

Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation received a donation in the form of two paintings in November 2023. The donator is a decendent of the Gyllenberg's and the paintings have originally been purchased by Ane and Signe Gyllenberg.

Both paintings are small seascapes. One of them (in the picture) is of particular interest, since it is the first art purchase that Ane Gyllenberg ever made. He bought the painting in autumn 1909 for 5 Finnish marks. The painting will be lightly conservated and exhibited in the house museum's 2nd floor in spring 2024.

The other small painting is a seascape from Capri, and is likely a souvenir from one of Signe and Ane's holiday trips. The Gyllenbergs visited Capri in May 1934, and we can assume that the small painting was bought during this trip.

We are grateful for this donation and the new information it brings.